Smart financing constructions

Just like the structural construction, ModuPark financing is flexible, too. You choose to buy, let or lease. The unique part is that you can even opt for guaranteed buy-back or complete operational management by one of our partners.

The choice of financing construction depends on your wishes:

  • A lease construction gives you the advantage of a minimum start-up investment except the garage becomes your property when the lease term expires.
  • If you decide to let, you choose to know what your costs will be. When the letting period expires, we return the site clean to you.
  • A buy and buy-back scheme allows you to keep the fixed costs low and in your control. The site will be returned clean to you under this arrangement, too.
Made-to-measure advice

We will be happy to advise you on the best financing construction for your project. In working with you, we apply our many years of experience. This includes exploring ways in which you can earn back your investment. Such as exterior advertising on your garage, advice on the best payment method for customers or how much you can charge for parking.

For specific questions, we call on our partners. We are a member of Parkeer Netwerk Nederland and Vexpan and we work with various suppliers.

Would you like to know more? Please contact us at no obligation.