Fast realisation

Using the prefabricated concrete and steel elements, we build a complete parking garage in three months. No pouring concrete or welding is required. Add the fact that you do not need a contractor or structural engineer. And that you can count on a short permit process.

Including the three-month planning period, you are done in half a year. Within this short time, a fully-fledged parking garage with hundreds of parking spaces is realised. That fast realisation pays for itself many times over. For starters, you have only a brief period of inconvenience. Plus, with less manpower and equipment you save considerable costs.


One reason why the approximately three-month building period is so short is because concrete pouring is not necessary. The concrete prefabricated elements are ready-made. Consequently, construction does not depend on weather conditions. Plus, very little welding is required: the solid structure is connected with nuts and bolts.

Fully fledged parking capacity

Within a half a year you have a fully fledged parking garage. We deliver the garage as a turn-key project, including ground level lay-out, lineation, lighting and drainage. Once the parking capacity is no longer needed, we will return the lot to you even faster and entirely empty.

Adjustments any time

Interim changes are hardly unusual in building projects. For example, you may need a permanent permit after all. Or unexpectedly require more or actually less parking capacity. We are here to help you. Not only with structural adjustments but also with interim process changes.

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