Circular and sustainable

Thanks to the efficient and responsible use of materials, with ModuPark you make a substantial contribution to a circular economy. Your project meets sustainability goals faster as a result.

Virtually waste-free

ModuPark is fully demountable and reusable. Aside from a bit of leftover cement, disassembly is virtually waste-free. All of the other parts - aside from the foundation - are reused. Now that is sustainable use of building materials! In addition, we collect everything afterwards to make sure your site is clean when returned to you.

Long life

The building modules we use, which include galvanized steel and prefabricated concrete, have a long life - at least 50 years. When the maximum life does expire, the materials can be efficiently separated and recycled.


The open construction means you profit from low maintenance costs and low energy consumption. There is a lot of light from outside and you do not need mechanical ventilation. In the evening and at night, energy-saving LED lights provide the necessary light.

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