Capacity to measure

A tall, L-shaped location in the city centre or a large rectangle on your building site: everything is possible. ModuPark adapts to your parking capacity needs. You choose the shape, style, size and height.


There is a specific set of basic materials. Using these standard elements, we can realise any shape, height and capacity. A U-shape, rectangle, square of L-shape. With one parking deck or six levels. Do you need additional capacity during or after realisation? A level or addition can be added quickly.

Design your exterior

The basic structure and elements are very basic and functional. By contrast, you can design the exterior however you like. Consider choosing a natural look that incorporates plants, bamboo or tree trunks. Or a more urban appearance using steel elements, glass or a canvas banner. Opt for a canvas banner with a printed advertisement and you can even recover some of your investment. Our designers will be happy to discuss all of your needs.

Temporary or permanent

The structure is designed to last at least 50 years. Most of the elements are in fact built for a lifetime and therefore have a much longer life span. Consequently, you can use the parking garage on a permanent basis, too.

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