About ModuPark

ModuPark stands for modular parking capacity: a temporary parking garage that you can put up in any shape, size and style.

Are you in the midst of a large-scale urban renovation project and short on parking capacity? Is the construction of your new parking accommodation taking longer than expected? If so, ModuPark is a fast and good solution.

Modular construction kit

We build the parking garage using prefabricated concrete and steel elements in a sophisticated, solid construction. We use large concrete spans measuring 16 metres. As a result, there are no columns in sight. This allows us to create a parking accommodation that is pleasant and safe.


Parking garage users can see everything and have a clear overview. The design is intuitive, featuring one-way traffic and comfortable slopes without corkscrew turns. You have wide parking spaces measuring 2.5 metres at an angle to the driving lane. The structure is open, which eliminates the need for mechanical ventilation. This saves money in terms of operating and maintenance costs.

The advantages of ModuPark

Circular and sustainable
The building modules are built for a lifetime. However, the construction makes it possible for you to use the garage on a temporary basis. Afterwards, we completely disassemble the garage in order to reassemble it elsewhere. Read more about sustainability.

You choose the capacity, shape or height you need. From one to six levels, temporary or permanent. Whether you want an advertising banner or bamboo, the choice of exterior is up to you. We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for your parking needs. More about your choices.

Fast construction, low costs
It can be ready within three months, from laying the foundation to completion. Given the speed, a minimum of man hours and supplies are needed. This not only keeps costs down in a huge way but also limits inconvenience. More about fast construction.

Smart financing
Buy (with buy back), let or lease: you decide what best suits your project and budget. We can immediately make agreements on repurchasing. The building modules have a high residual value; depreciation is limited. Read more about smart financing.

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