In 5 steps

Fully fledged parking capacity in five steps:

Step 1: blueprint

Based on your starting points and list of demands, our experts draw up a blueprint. It includes the lay-out, number of levels, routing and exact size. We also determine the construction method for the foundation: pile-driving, vibration drilling, boring or pouring.

Step 2: customizing

We fine-tune the plans in this step. For example, we incorporate your specific preferences for the design of the exterior, the building method and the interior.

Step 3: planning

Our planning officers get to work now. They prepare the plans and make sure other builders and the neighbours are on the same page. This step takes approximately three months from start to finish.

Step 4: construction

We start with the foundation. This usually takes six weeks.
Next, above-ground construction gets underway, with all of the prefabricated elements delivered on low loader trailers. Delivery can be made according to the just-in-time logistics method in order to minimise inconvenience to traffic and neighbours. This takes approximately four weeks.
The last stage is completion. This takes two to six weeks depending on the level of finishing.

Step 5: disassembly

The same process as described in Step 4, only in reverse order. This process is completed within a few weeks. We shear the piles below the ground level. As if there was never anything there.

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