Immediately available parking capacity

Do you need parking capacity immediately? If you do, choose a previously used, demountable parking garage. It is much faster, sustainable and economical.

ModuPark is the ideal solution when you need parking capacity for your project or location fast. Not a muddy patch of ground but an attractive, fully functioning parking garage. Including if you want multiple levels.

Why temporary parking capacity by ModuPark is the answer
  • Economical: construction requires minimum man hours and supplies Fast: the parking garage is ready within a few months Circular and sustainable: building modules are built for a lifetime, easy to relocate and put back together The shape and look of your choice: capacity, shape, height and finishing is up to you

Come see!

Curious? We would be happy to give you a tour of one of the locations where a ModuPark garage is in full swing. If possible, we will tour a parking garage that will soon be available. This will give you a look at what very well could be your future parking garage!


Phone or email Thom Hienekamp on +31 6 51 50 96 69 and at He will be happy to assist you. Would you like to schedule a tour straight away? Thom Hienekamp can arrange that for you immediately.