About us

ModuPark is a Ballast Nedam Parking concept (100% subsidiary of Ballast Nedam). A tried and tested concept: in the meantime we have provided a considerable number of clients with temporary parking capacity. You can be sure that the project will be realised and carried out smoothly.

About Ballast Nedam Parking

We are experts when it comes to parking garages. We know all there is to know about routing, traffic safety and comfort. In every variation and for every user group. Is a parking facility intended for permanent residents? If so, assistance with orientation is less important than it is for shoppers. In the higher-end market, we provide more space for larger company and private vehicles to manoeuvre. At a P+R facility, safety plays a larger role.

A parking garage is often part of an area renovation or other type of large-scale infrastructure project. As part of Ballast Nedam, this is a natural habitat for us. We have extensive experience with coordinating with other builders, area management, just-in-time logistics and LEAN planning with sub-contractors. We place a lot of importance on mutual trust and upholding our agreements.

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